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    Could a 10G SFP+ SR units be applied to OM2 62.5/125 m multimode fiber?

    No, it's recommended for use in the OM3 50/62.5 m multimode fiber. Firstly, the bandwidth for OM3 are higher than OM2 ; Secondly, due to diameter core for 62.5/125m is larger than a 50 / 125 m fiber , when transmission in 62.5/125m multi-mode fiber , the actual output optical power is higher than that in the 50 / 125 m fiber. While the Tx power range for SFP + SR is -5~-1dBm, the high TX output power may lead to RX warning, therefore we does not recommend that customers use the SFP + SR products in 62.5/125m OM2 MMF;

    What is the rate compatiblility difference for 10G products w/ and w/o CDR?

    IIn general, 10G products with CDR can only support fixed rate or frequency multiplication rate, for example a 10G unit with CDR compatible rate ranges from 9.95~11.3Gb/s, make a 8.5G CDR, it's compatible with the rate of 2.125G/4.25G/8.5G; 10G products without CDR, compatible rate range can be covered with 1~11.3Gb/. From the point of rate, the compatibility for non-CDR functionality product is better.

    What is the wavelength range of CWDM products? How to define central wavelength?

    For CWDM product, full temperature range refers to 6.5nm's difference above or below the central wavelength , it is defined as 1xx1, the center wavelength of the 18 channels coarse wavelength respectively are : 1271nm, 1291nm, 1311nm,... 1611nm.

    What measures can be introduced to prevent the APD damage when using a 80km ( long distance) SFP+/XFP in distance less than 30km?

    When the transmission distance is less than 30 km, the link loss is approximately below 7.5dBm which lead to the Rx receive power ≥-7dBm, this could cause damage to the APD, so that when the transmission distance is less than 10km, suggest to add a 10dB attenuater, when the transmission distance is between 10~30km, it is recommended to use a 5 ~ 7 dB attenuater help to avoid APD devices in receiving end from being damaged due to overload.

    How to choose a 10G transceiver when the transmission distance is 40~60km?

    There are two standard products 40km and 80km for SFP+/XFP, when the transmission distance is within 40km, it is recommended to use the SFP+/XFP 40km transceiver; when the transmission distance is over 40km, a 80km transceiver is recommended.