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    Work At Linktel

    Let's grow up together with you,
    to create infinite possibility.

    Cultrue in Linktel

    1. Young and energetic

    2. Honest and ingenuous

    3. Ambitious

    4. Friendly and warm-hearted

    5. Positive outlook on life and values

    6. Mature and responsible

    7. Be held accountable for the actions

    8. Concentrated on increasing value

    9. United and cooperative

    10. Sharing the bitter and the sweet

    Linktel Technologies is full of youth and energy. The environment, systems and codes of conduct here embody the concept of "People First". We provide stages and training opportunities for those employees who are ambitious, capable, and responsible, as well as provide generous returns and honors to who offer value added to our customers. We believe in that Linktel is our spiritual home, we encourage trust, respect, support and compete each other. We came together because of the high recognition of Linktel corporation culture, growing and developing together. Through unremitting efforts, we are building Linktel Technologies into a first-class optical device supplier in the world.

    Compensation & Benefits

    • Staff Welfare
    • A comfortable and nice office
    • Professional internal and external training with a perfect career development plan
    • Competitive salaries and annual merit increase
    • A robust social insurance and housing fund
    • A flexible work time for businesses
    • Working meals for overtime work and free parking
    • Annual travel prepared for the staff
    • Abundant recreational activities
    • Festive presents and bonuses

    Looking forward
    to your joining...