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    June 1, 2021, Linktel Technology, a leading manufacturer in data center optical transceivers, announced that its QSFP-DD Compliant 400G optical transceivers have been officially released for general availability and in qualification with a number of data center switch OEMs.

    Rapid growth of data traffic over internet would be accelerated at even faster rate over current projection of doubling every 2 - 3 years in the foreseeable future, driven by new era of Metaverse. Connectivity within data center and beyond would be expected to adapt 400G and above in anticipation of data traffic explosion. Linktel is providing industry leading optical transceivers in terms of highest bandwidth, lowest power consumption and most cost saving per Gigabit, 400G QSFP-DD.

    Linktel Technology’s 400G series products are packaged in QSFP-DD and support multiple data rates of 400G and 200G, including various versions of SR8, FR4 and LR4. They are all built in utilizing the industry’s most advanced low-power consumption 7nm DSP, as well as mature and reliable advanced laser/packaging technologies such as DFB/EML and COB/COC. The transmit distances of SR8, FR4 and LR4 are 500m, 2km, 10km respectively, and the power consumption is less than 8W.