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    Linktel optical modules help our industry reduce its energy consumption and emissions, contributing to a clean, efficient, low-carbon, and circular economy. We are committed to minimizing our environmental influence in manufacturing, operations, and over the entire

    lifecycles of our products and services. Meanwhile, we work with our partners up and down the value chain to build a greener supply chain for developing a sustainable industry. Linktel set medium-term and long-term carbon emission reduction targets including halving our emissions by year 2030.

    Linktel Conflict Mineral Policy

    Conflict Minerals Statement

    Based on corporate social responsibility and environmental protection and respect for international human rights, Linktel does not support or use the so-called “conflict minerals”, and continues to pay attention to this issue, while publishing a statement not using conflict minerals and a detailed understanding of our supply chain to ensure that Tantalum Metal sources such as Tantalum(Ta), Tin(Sn), Gold (Au), Tungsten(W), cobalt(Co), palladium(Pd),etc. are not mined by mining areas in the conflict zone. Linktel and Linktel’s suppliers do the utmost to avoid the use of these “conflict minerals” with a view to improving the impact of minerals issues.