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    Shenzhen Guozhong Venture Capital Management CO. LTD.(GZVCM)is a private equity investment institution specializing in the entrusted management of venture capital. At present, it has been entrusted to manage the first 6 billion Yuan (approximately USD940 Million) entity fund of the National SME Development Fund - SME Development Fund (Shenzhen limited partnership).

    At present, the company has a relatively complete layout in several industrial chains such as new energy vehicles, semiconductors and electronic components and intelligent driving. It has been on the top 100 list of Zero2IPO China's best venture capital institutions for three consecutive years, on the list of China's best venture capital institutions for two consecutive years, and on the list of the best venture capital institutions of the year of the securities times · China venture capital Golden Eagle Award for two consecutive years. Chinese venture capital enterprises have also frequently been listed on the list of major industry authorities, and have won more than 40 awards.

    Cowin Capital is the first batch of professional private equity investment companies in China. In July 2015, Cowin Capital successfully landed on NEEQ (securities code: 832793). Cowin Capital has 21 years of investment management experience, the scale of assets under management exceeds 25 billion Yuan (approximately USD3.9 billion ), has invested more than 500 enterprises in total, and successfully promoted 93 companies to be listed in China Capital Market. It is a leading investing company with long operation time in China that aims to be excellent local brand professional investment institution.

    The company's main investment fields involve high technology, health, information and big consumption fields.

    The company has been awarded the TOP10 of the Chinese venture capital firm, which was awarded by the Zero2IPO group for 11 years in a row. It has been awarded the China venture capital agency TOP20, which is awarded by the Zero2IPO group for 11 years, and won the best Chinese venture capital TOP10 of the group in the 8 consecutive years. It has won the TOP20 of China's best venture group, which has been selected by China Group for 13 consecutive years.

    Shenzhen Capital Group Company, Ltd. (referred to as SCGC) was established in 1999 with the contribution of Shenzhen municipal government and social capital. With the mission of discovering and achieving great enterprises, the company is committed to being an explorer and nurturer of innovation value. SCGC has become a comprehensive investment conglomerate major in VC/PE with registered capital of RMB 10 billion and total asset under management of RMB 425 billion (approximately USD66.4 billion).

    SCGC mainly invests the long-term capital in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), especially self-innovative high-tech emerging market SMEs, in the sectors of Information Technology, Internet/ New Media/ Cultural Creativity, Bio-Tech/ Healthcare, New Energy/ Clean Technology, New Materials/ Chemistry, Advanced Manufacture, Consumer Goods/ Modern Services, etc., in all of their development phases.

    With its excellent track record in the VC/PE industry, SCGC has been known as one of the top players in the comprehensive rankings of VC/PE institutions published by China Venture Capital Association, Zero2IPO Group, China Venture, and other authoritative ranking institutions for consecutive years. In the past five years (2016-2020), SCGC has been ranking the first among the local VC/PE institutions by Zero2IPO Group. Especially, SCGC was the No. 1 among all players in the year 2017.