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    • 2022

      Went IPO at Shenzhen Stock Exchange Market on Sep13.

    • 2021

      Launched 800G Optical Transceiver series products with in-house optical engines. Established offshore operation center in Singapore and factory in Malaysia Established Business Unit of Optical Interconnection

    • 2020

      Won the title of "High-tech Enterprise" and obtained multiple patents related to optical transceiver modules and devices.

    • 2019
      Launched 400G Optical Transceiver series.
      Qualified by overseas large Internet Companies and data center equipment companies
      Moved to new office and manufacture building
    • 2018
      Linktel USA was established
      Obtained first USA patent
    • 2017
      Optoelectronic Integration Manufacture Center was put in operation. Chip-On-Board and BOX packaging were processed fully in house.
    • 2016
      100G Optical Transceiver series products released
      "Gazelle enterprise" was granted in East Lake High Tech Development Zone (2016-2019)
    • 2015
      40G Optical Transceiver series were released
    • 2014
      Passed first overseas public communication company (NASDAQ listed) supplier qualification
      Massively supplied 10G Optical Transceiver to the market
    • 2013
      High Tech Enterprise” was titled by Hubei Province Govt.
      Obtained first group of optical modules and device technology patents
    • 2012
      Launched the industry leading 10G 40km / 80km DWDM / CWDM SFP+
      Passed ISO9001 Quality Standard
    • 2011
      Linktel Technologies was founded