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    • Optical Valley 3551 Talent Plan

      In 2009, East Lake Hi-tech Development Zone implemented "Optical Valley 3551 talents plan", aiming to take 3 years, in these 5 industries: optics, biology, energy, high-end equipment, and modern services, to introduce and train around 50 talents who have mastered the world leading technology; around 1000 high-level talents who have engaged in scientific and technological innovation. Linktel Technologies has officially become one of the enterprises in "Optical Valley 3551 talents plan" with a few technicians and managers were selected as “3551 talents”.

    • Gazelle Enterprise Prize of 2016

      “Gazelles enterprise” is a general term of bankers for hi-tech enterprises with good growth and leaping development. "Gazelle" is a kind of good jumping and running antelope, the industry generally called those small and medium-sized enterprises with high growth as "Gazelle enterprise". That more the "Gazelle enterprise" does one area have, means that this region's creativity is stronger, pace of development is faster. In 2016 official Optical Valley “Gazelle Enterprise Comparison and Assessment”, Linktel Technologies successfully won this title.

    • Provincial high-tech enterprise granted

      Linktel Technologies has been recognized as a high-tech enterprise by the Hubei Provincial Government and Hubei Provincial Department of Science and Technology for three consecutive times. As a representative enterprise of independent innovation and continuous innovation, Linktel Technologies always pays attention to the transformation between R&D and technological achievements, having a series of intellectual property rights that master the key technology. Linktel Technologies has become one of the most promising high-tech enterprises specialized in optoelectronics research and commercial applications in East-Lake High-Tech Development Zone (Optic Valley of China).